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Giovanni Cruz's​

   Giovanni Cruz was born and raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He moved to Waterbury, Connecticut in 2009. Giovanni is a Photographer and a Video producer. He learned to produce videos when he was 11 years old on his own with a Digital camera, and a basic software program such as Windows Movie Maker. In his high school years he joined a ideo production class that made him even more proficient with video production. After 2 years of being in the production club he was chosen to lead the crew. During that time Giovanni decided to take a photography class with his aunt "Karina Gutierrez" who is also a professional photographer. After 2 years he learned the ins and outs of photography. On July, 2014 he was asked to be a contracting Candid photographer, video producer, and Lighting Technician for Hollywood Enterprises. After graduating High School, Giovanni decided to go to college and major in Digital Arts which included Graphic Design, Photography, Authoring, Animation, and Audio & Video Production. After a year in college he was offered a Job at his College's Marketing Department as an Assistant Building Flyers, Managing The School's Social Media, Photographer, Video producer & More. The Job served him as a Internship as well helping him grow his skills in every department. by 2018 Giovanni became a professional at all his work. He now works doing Freelance work and is in hopes of finding the job of his dreams doing what he loves.

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